LA Tech Athletic Communications 

Mission Statement: To publicize the University’s NCAA sanctioned athletic programs through internal avenues (website, social media, etc.). To assist media outlets (local, regional, national; print, television, radio, web) with information, interview requests and story ideas to help them factually report stories about these programs and the entire athletic department. To protect the privacy of the University’s student-athletes, coaches, support personnel and administrators when needed as well as the brand/reputation of the University.

Media Policies
  • LA Tech student-athlete = any scholarship or walk-on student-athlete who is currently enrolled and/or still a member of one of the University’s athletic programs.
    • This includes S-A’s even when they are not enrolled in classes (summer) but are still a part of the program.
    • This includes S-A’s who have completed their eligibility but who are still enrolled at LA Tech prior to graduation.
  • All interview requests for Louisiana Tech student-athletes, coaches (head, assistant, strength and conditioning), support personnel and administrators and any requests for information from any of these individuals pertaining to Louisiana Tech Athletics MUST go through the appropriate channels within the LA Tech Athletic Communications Office.
    • There are no exceptions.
    • Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance when appropriate.
      • Exceptions to the 24-hour rule made for breaking news and postgame stories only.
      • The LA Tech SID will communicate directly with the media outlet on the request so that there is no confusion.
    • It is not permissible to request S-A interviews through coaches.
  • No media outlet/personality may contact any LA Tech student-athlete/coach/support staff through social media avenues in an effort to get information or interviews.
  • Louisiana Tech Athletic Communications personnel have the ability to deny an interview request based on subject matter, availability, schedules, etc.
    • This does not grant the media outlet to try “back-door” avenues to contact the S-A, coach, support personnel or administrator.
  • Prospective student-athletes (recruits) may not be contacted during an official or unofficial visit on campus. This is strictly prohibited by NCAA guidelines.
  • Neither Louisiana Tech administrators nor anyone within the Louisiana Tech Athletic Department will comment on specifics of coaching searches nor will they confirm rumors on possible coaches leaving.
  • Coaches and players are NOT available to talk immediately after the completion of a game. They will be allowed an opportunity for a cooling off period prior to addressing the media. Ask the sports specific SID for details of that sport.
  • Individual sports may have a variation of practice/postgame policies. Contact the sports specific SID for details.

Contact Information
Athletic Communications
P.O. Box 3166
Ruston, LA 71270
Fax: (318) 257-3757

Malcolm Butler Athletics, Media Relations  , Tuesday, 08/9/2016, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA, Louisiana Tech University, (photo by Donny J Crowe), Copyright:Louisiana Tech University.All Rights Reserved.(dcrowe    Malcolm Butler
    Associate A.D./Communications
    Sports: Women's Basketball, Softball, Golf, Football-secondary
    Office Phone: 318-257-3145

Kane McGuire mug    Kane McGuire
    Assistant Director Athletic Communications
    Sports: Men's Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Football-secondary
    Office Phone: 318-257-5071

Anna Claire Thomas mug    Anna Claire Thomas
    Assistant Director Athletic Communications
    Sports: Football, Golf, M/W Track & Field/XC
    Office Phone: 318-257-5314

Brock McKe    Brock McKee
    Assistant Director Athletic Communications
    Sports: Baseball, Volleyball, Bowling, Football-secondary
    Office Phone: 318-257-5305