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2010 WAC Championships - Day Four Quotes

May 15, 2010

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Jeremy Klas, Idaho
Pole Vault, 5.09m (16-08.25, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It's alright. It wasn't really a goal of mine, I was just more looking for a good jump or personal best, but I didn't get either one of those. So I'm just a little disappointed. I was happy for the team to get 10 points."

Pontus Thomee, Boise State
Javelin Throw, 70.12m (230-01), 1st Place

On being winning back-to-back WAC titles:
"It feels really good. It's nice to be over 70 meters for the first time this semester. Hopefully I can do even better at regionals. I still have some work to do."

Frank Sanders, Fresno State
1500m, 3:49.61, 1st Place
800m, 1:50.42, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It feels good to be a three-time WAC champ in the 1500. I think I'm one of only three people to have done that. I'm really happy to just help the team out."

On having to come back and run the 800m the same day:
"It's real tough. After you run you have that lactic acid build up. Every year I've tried to do that it's been pretty painful. Every time I've tried to do it I've got first (in 1500) and sixth (in 800). I want to improve off of that so I can get more points for the team."

On winning the 800m after winning the 1500m:
"I don't think it's hit me yet. When I started the first lap I was thinking, 'these guys are going to kill me in the 800.' Then all of a sudden on the back stretch, everyone came closer and I wanted to see what I had left. It was the most painful 250 meters at the end. At the end of the race is where you are going to see if you have something left in the tank or if you are done. My adrenaline kept coming up more and more as I got closer to the finish."

Paul Dittmer, Idaho
110m Hurdle, 13.92, 1st Place

On the race:
"The race overall was sad because me and the guy next to me started hitting each other pretty hard. That happens with the hurdles, but it was sad because we had pretty good competition and we both could have run faster. We almost took each other out. It was just sad that we didn't get to compete the way we wanted to."

Albert Fullwood, Louisiana Tech
400m, 46.61, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion in the 400m for a fourth time:
"It feels great. What an accomplishment. My coach told me my freshman year that I was the best quarter-miler coming in to the conference. Now it's my senior year and he told me the same thing. I just go out there and execute what he is telling me to do."

Mike Pyrtle, Utah State
100m, 10.51, 1st Place

On the race:
"Yesterday I felt real great with a 10.33. Today I just wanted to get it done. The guys got out on me. I just wanted to win for my mom and I had to step up for my team and get it done. I just felt like I could've run faster."

Nick Karren, Utah State
400m Hurdles, 50.35, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It feels good. It's nice to win my last race at the WAC."

On the race with Val Pierre Dai'Re for second place:
"We've done that twice this year. I told him we should run against each other every time because if we run like that and keep getting PR's we'll up our ranks in the nation. It's good because it's a rivalry."

Joe Canavan, Utah State
Shot Put, 18.37m (60-03.25), 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It's good. I finished off the season with an indoor and outdoor title. Coming off my redshirt year last year due to injuries, I really feel vindicated to come back and prove myself that I still got what it takes."

On his throw:
"I was happy with it. I was just off my previous PR. We haven't peeked and still have regionals to go so I'm really happy with it."

Paul Zwama, Fresno State
5000m, 14:26.15, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It feels great. My coach and I have been working towards this moment for a long time. It hasn't always been easy, but I was determined to claim a victory here after getting outkicked in the last 200m last season. So determined to run the same way and not get outkicked and that worked perfectly."

Markus Geiger, Idaho
10K, 21:38.66, 1st Place

On the race:
"I saw the storm coming during the race. But I never thought they would stop the race so I just kept running. I heard the bell and I thought their must be a mistake. When I came around the stretch they told me I was done and had to stop. I thought I did something wrong, but it was because of the storms. At first I didn't know if I won the race or not. Sometimes the best tactic in the conditions wins."

Gregg Gensel, Utah State
Men's Coach of the Year

On winning the team title:
"This is the first time that we've won all three in one year. We won cross country, indoor and outdoor. We've been working hard for this and we've got great coaches working with me, it was a team effort.

On being the favorites and winning it:
"I told the team, 'if you take care of business and do what you are supposed to do, we are going to win this,' and they did. Even when someone went down in the triple jump, someone stepped up in another event. I'm very proud of them and the way they performed. There were adverse conditions last night and the 10K didn't go the way we wanted, but the kids stepped up from that adversity."

Josh Goree, Louisiana Tech
Freshman of the Year

On the award:
"It was unexpected. I didn't know I was going to win it. I owe it all to my coaches. I thank the Lord for letting me out here and letting me have a good race and giving me the talent to do this. I've come a long ways since high school. I have some good coaches in coach (Gary) Stanley and coach (Shawn) Jackson. They've been with me and have been tough and getting me in the shape I need to be in. It paid off."

Allix Lee-Painter, Idaho
10K, 36:16.67, 1st Place
5K, 17:06, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"I was just thinking about scoring points for the team. That was my main goal. It was awesome to have three of my teammates running with me unlike the steeplechase. I just felt like we were working together and drawing off of each other. It was awesome."

On four Idaho runners in the top 7:
"It's incredible. We all train together everyday. This team is amazing. We had one girl who didn't race all season because she was injured and she came out and scored for us. That was huge."

On being steeplechase and 10K champion in the same day:
"It's what I was hoping for. But I never want to say anything too early. I'm just going to go out there and score as many points as I can for my team."

On the 5K:
"I was so nervous. My coach told me 'this is your race, it's what you've been training for.' I woke up this morning tired and my legs were tight, but I kept stretching throughout the day and kept thinking about going for it and scoring points for the team."

Gabby Midles, Idaho
Hammer Throw, 58.92m (193-04), 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It feels fantastic."

On setting a school record:
"Hopefully I can improve on the school record more. It feels great to have it."

On getting 10 points for Idaho:
"I really want my teammates to do well and want each person to compete to their fullest. So I'm happy to do my part."

Eleni Kafourou, Boise State
Triple Jump, 13.29m (43-07.25), 1st Place

On her performance:
"I liked it better than yesterday. It is a seasonal best and really close to my personal best. There was also a lot more improvements in my technique."

On winning both the long jump and triple jump:
"I've been champion in both the last two years, so it's been nice."

Samantha Diaz, Nevada
1500m, 4:37.32, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"Unreal. I never expected to be here. It's still hitting me."

On coming from behind to win:
"My coach said to be there at the 1200m and do whatever I could from there. It went out a little slow, but all the reason to have a kick at the end."

Quanisha Sales, Louisiana Tech
100m, 11.45, 1st Place

On the race:
"I tried to make my race better than yesterday. My time wasn't as good as yesterday, but I still ran a good race."

On her team taking the top 6 places in the event:
"We went into it thinking it's all practice. It didn't matter who came out on top. We are all teammates. It wasn't that big of a deal who won."

Lauren Schaffer, Idaho
800m, 2:07.33 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"Amazing! I wasn't really feeling good beforehand, but I feel good now."

On running a personal best at a big event:
"That's great. It's just so much different than in Moscow, Idaho. To come to a place like this where you know that the competition is great and the weather is great."

Kamelia Stroy, Louisiana Tech
400m, 54.62, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It was a lot of hard work because I have to do five 400's total in this meet. It's hard work so I'm glad I'm the WAC Champion. I knew I wasn't going to lose. I'm not going to lose"

On her time:
"I haven't been doing to good this year and I broke sub-60 so I'm happy with it."

Antoinette Cobb
100m Hurdles, 13.07, 1st Place
100m Dash, 11.67, 3rd Place

On being WAC Champion:
"My last few races haven't been clean. Yesterday in the prelims was the first clean hurdle race in a month. I'm really excited to finish today as WAC Champion and break my school record."

On the race:
"My coach told me yesterday that I wasn't rushing my feet between the hurdles. So I was thinking about doing that today."

On six Techsters in the top six of the 100m Dash:
"It was pretty exciting because that's what we did in (WAC) indoor so we wanted to do the same in outdoor. We just want to get as many points for the team as possible."

TeRina Keenan, Hawai'i
Discus, 53.71m (176-04), 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It feels great. It feels even better because I had a personal best and I've tried for a long time to throw this far. "Last year I didn't do as well and I was seeded first."

Amber Kaufman, Hawai'i
High Jump, 1.83m (6-00.00), 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It feels pretty good. I haven't jumped in a while so I was just trying to get back into the swing of things so I'm not really happy with my jump. But I can't be mad about the points I got for my team."

On teammate Sarah Saddleton:
"Sarah did great and she hadn't been jumping that high. She went huge today, so that's what I'm happy about."

Nancy Shelton, Louisiana Tech
4x100m Relay, 44.43, 1st Place

On being WAC Champion:
"It was great especially since we were at home and it was a PR for us. It's"

Chasidee Lewis-Baker, Louisiana Tech

On winning the team title:
"It was a lot of pressure. We knew we had to pick up the slack and keep the tradition going especially because we were at home. People read about us and see pictures, but never get to see us. The stadium was so supportive. It was almost like I was in awe."

Monique Wright, Louisiana Tech
4x400m Relay, 3:40.02, 1st Place

On the 4x400m Relay:
"It's such a big accomplishment. We lost it last year so I wanted to make sure we did it this year."

On winning the team title:
"Very exciting especially because we didn't want to lose at home. We didn't have the home team advantage because we had a lot of work to do to get ready for it. It wasn't a cake walk. It was a lot of pressure because we have a lot of family, friends and classmates here."

Gary Stanley, Louisiana Tech
Coach of the Year

On the men's team performance:
"Every year is a little different and each group of women is different. It's great to have six in a row, but we don't look at it like that. Running at home has a lot of distractions and I thought we handled it very well."

On being the favorite to win:
"Normally we are traveling out west in the WAC where there is none of our friends and fans, then to come here with those expectations and win it six years in a row, that was hard. I thought they handled their business very well."

On a standout performer on the women's side:
"You have to look at Antoinette Cobb. Her performance in the hurdles and she did the triple in the sprints. That was our leader right there and if she would have faltered there would have been a lot of doubt and a lot of hesitation in the kid's minds."

On six Techsters in the top six of the 100m Dash:
"When you put all of your eggs in one basket, you better hope that they all come in and you don't break them. We focus on a few areas that in this region of the country, we think we have a chance to excel in. The thing about being well balanced means nothing to me. We are about winning championships. We expect to score those points and we had to score those points. That is pressure in itself and those young ladies know that there is no back up. We don't do vertical jumps and distances, this is what we do."

On Freshman of the Year Quanisha Sales:
"Division I sports is hard for any freshman. Look at freshman quarterbacks and the number of them that start. We know it's hard so for her to come in and perform at this level as a freshman, I'm very pleased. That's two in a row in terms of us getting freshmen of the year."

On the men's team performance:
"Hats off to a deep and talented Utah State team. We thought we had a shot, but we had a dister in the hurdles and a disaster in the 100. Then the best 400m kid in the conference makes it 100m and then that was it. Then they (USU) go one and two in the 100 and we go five and six, that was it."

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