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Feb. 12, 2015

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Opening Statement:

"The turnover margin was 16-5, which is great. Any time you only have five turnovers in a conference game, it is a positive, especially with us playing fast and pushing the break. They had an 11-16 assist to turnover ratio. It was an odd game in that I thought we did a few pretty good things offensively, only having five turnovers and shooting 48 percent. We have to do a better job of converting at the foul line. We only scored 65, but they are a tricky defensive team. They are unique in their approach and I thought they did a really good job with personnel and made it very hard for our guards, especially Raheem Appleby. They limited his touches. They run you off the line. Their defensive three point numbers are off the charts. When they ran us off the lines, at times I thought we had decent looks on the interior but they are big and long and do a good job of using their length without fouling. Defensively, we were pretty good, especially for 30 of the 40 minutes. We had some stretches there where we got a little bit comfortable with the lead. We have to try and avoid that moving forward. It is all part of the process."

On defensive intensity:

"Erik has been around a couple of years now and he understands that it was not his best outing defensively. That is why we made a lot of substitutions. We tried different guys at that spot. I thought Qiydar Davis came into Erik's spot and really provided some energy. We tried Xavian Stapleton a little bit at the four. He did some good things defensively. Our second line of press failed us a few times. We had some clips we watched at halftime that were not very pretty. Maybe I was giving us too much credit, it may have been 20 to 30 minutes that we were very good. It was not like we were bad defensively for the entire game. I think it was 10 or 12 possessions that I wish we could have back. They are good though, Florida Atlantic has good players. They were very prepared. You just wish that you could maintain your edge, whether you are up 15, up two or down five. We have done that a lot this season. Tonight was not our best in terms of playing that way every possession."

On starting lineup:

"I thought [Raheem Appleby and Michale Kyser] both responded well. They took it like men. Those guys broke a simple team rule. I do not care to expand on it any further. I can tell you that it was not malicious and they did not break the law. Like all college programs, we try and hold our kids to a high standard and that is all part of it. Those guys have been incredible representatives of our program and they will continue to be. As long as they have a good practice tomorrow, they will be back in the lineup on Saturday."

On energy level off the bench:

"Those two have been good leaders for us, not only with what they say but they lead by example. That is just another example of them leading. Regardless of whether you start or not, when your number is called, it should be about winning, making winning plays and doing your job. I thought Mike had a really good game and I do not think Raheem had a bad game. I wish I could have helped him get a couple of clean looks. I am not sure he had many clean looks."

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